Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Volcano Sail-by!

Okay, this was pretty cool. En route between Carriacou and Grenada on the leeward (western) side of the islands, you pass by Kick’em Jenny, a submerged volcano. There’s a one-mile exclusion zone; you have to sail outside this zone at all times. When the volcano is restless and seismic activity increases, there’s a five-mile exclusion zone. The volcano gods were apparently sleeping when we went by (our position is inside the concentric circles on the electronic chart in the picture, and the thick blue line is our route), and we had no problems, though the abrupt shallowing (1,500 meters depth to 150 meters) caused a steep little chop in the vicinity of the volcano. Although it would be fascinating to see the effects of an eruption of a submerged volcano, I think it would be healthier to stay well outside the exclusion zone.

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