Wednesday, July 20, 2011


The anchorage at Prickly Bay, Grenada
We spent ten days in Grenada, and wouldn’t mind spending many more. We anchored in Prickly Bay, convenient to a dinghy docks and roads to town. But the hills surrounding the bay are definitely residential, and there are some beautiful houses. We walked up and down and all around looking at them. It’s a far cry from the tiny villages and settlements that we’ve anchored near recently. But there’s a medical school the next peninsula over, the capital city a few miles away, and a beach front loaded with hotels nearby, which explains the congestion. Here we met up with some old and new friends: Steve and Lynn on Celebration, Keith and Jaime on Kookaburra, and Carl and Carrie on Sanctuary. We walked and talked and ate and drank and had an all-around good time. There are lots of facilities for boat work and supplies, and we might have considered staying here except that our insurance requires that we be farther south in order to be covered for named tropical storms and hurricanes, and we are committed to haul the boat out in Trinidad. So, despite our enjoyment of the area, we were a little antsy to be headed out again.
Nice hillside homes

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