Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Trinidad, Here We Come!

The definitely commercial work area of Chaguaramas
The much prettier and more peaceful anchorage at Carenage Bay
  Well, we’ve arrived at our home for the next few months. We had an easy overnight crossing from Grenada (easy except for the nasty chop the first couple of hours out), and arrived in Trinidad July 5th. We anchored in Carenage Bay. It’s a great place: away from the commercial traffic in Chaguaramas Bay, surrounded by wooded hills, and next to the Trinidad and Tobago Sailing Association (TTSA), where we can use the bathrooms and showers, pool, internet, book exchange, and bar and restaurant. We’re within walking distance of all the boatyards at Chaguaramas Bay, so we can plan our haulout. Although it’s hot and humid, there’s often a nice breeze to keep it liveable and sleepable. And, although we’re right next to a coast guard station with boats large and small going in and out all the time, they’re really polite and don’t send wakes through the anchorage. This is such a delight after experiencing the “hospitality” of the Grenadian coast guard in Prickly Bay, who seemed to delight in plowing through the anchorage at full speed, requiring us to hang on for dear life and catch things before they fell off the counter. And this wasn’t when they were answering a life-or-death call, which you could understand, but when they were taking school kids out on a tour. But enough about that. I’ll be posting blogs on Trinidad over the next few months to let you know what it’s like. We were told by a cruiser up island that people either love Trinidad or hate it. So far, we’re loving it!
Coast guard trainees rowing through the anchorage. Could these guys move!

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  1. Glad you guys are starting to settle in. Great pics as always, and really looking forward to everything you have to say about the place.