Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Out to Dinner on Carriacou

Neville, Glenys, Jeff, Chris, and Anne in front of the adorable Round House. Don't you love the windows!
Inside the little restaurant
 Working our way down to the southern end of the Grenadine archipelago, we visited Carriacou, which actually belongs to Grenada. We checked in at the little town of Hillsborough, then moved over to Tyrell Bay. While there, we went out to dinner, which we rarely do, lunches being ever-so-much less expensive. But a restaurant in the cruising guide intrigued me: Bogle’s Round House. We went with some recently met cruisers – Neville and Glenys on Alba, and Jeff and Pam on Foggy Mountain. With six people, the restaurant provides transportation, so a van picked us up, and we got to sightsee on the way to the village of Bogle. The restaurant lived up to my expectations. The building itself is, of course, round (hence the name), and the lights coming through the open windows looked warm and cozy. We had drinks at a picnic table overlooking a pretty lawn and down to the water. Inside the restaurant, the main support is a cement-filled tree trunk. The place only seats about a dozen people, and there were two additional couples besides our six. Dinner was delicious. Chris and I shared a little bleu cheese soufflĂ©, then I had the herb-and-cheese-stuffed chicken breast, while Chris had the barracuda. For dessert we shared the chocolate fondant, which Chris said was too chocolaty.  Ha! There’s no such thing as too chocolaty! Okay, there actually is, but this wasn’t, it was heavenly, especially since it was offset with vanilla ice cream with nice flecks of vanilla bean in it. The chef is Roxanne, a cute little thing who twice has been named Grenada’s top chef. Chris just had to hug her in thanks for the delicious meal. And the price wasn’t too bad, considering the quality of the food and the great atmosphere. All in all, a terrific evening.

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