Monday, July 11, 2011

Tobago Cays and Union Island

The quintessential tropical paradise. Tobago Cays is a small group of uninhabited islands in the Grenadines. The water is clear and beautiful. Turtles are everywhere, especially over the seagrass beds off of Turtle Beach. We loved it when we were here on the crewed charter, and just had to come here in our own boat. We snorkeled the inner reef and dinghyed around and explored one of the little islands.  It was windy and choppy, so we weren’t able to snorkel on the outer reef, but that was okay. You can’t have everything, and we already have so much!
Tobago Cays anchorage

Chris exploring one of the little cays

Union Island was our next taste of civilization. We anchored in Chatham Bay, which had a beautiful white-sand beach lined with small huts that serve as bars and restaurants. There’s no good road (emphasis on good here, as there is an incredibly rutted dirt road that you’d definitely need a four-wheel drive or high truck to navigate) to the beach, so most of the vendors come around from the towns by boat. We went ashore for rum punches at the beach bar owned by Vanessa and Seckie, and ending up having a nice chat with the crews from Celebration (our friends Steve and Lynn from St. Pete), Alba (Neville and Glenys from England), and Sheer Tenacity (Rod and Mary from South Africa). We also took a long walk one day up some very steep hills to some beautiful views.
Chris and his new friend, Pepper

Happy hour!

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  1. Very nice photo's. I was also fortunate to meet up with the Alba and Sheer Tanacity crews at the Tiki Bar two nights ago. Alba should be in Chaguaramas...they left here just before dark yesterday.