Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Columbus Anchored Here: Samana Cay

Sunrise at Samana Cay

Yes, that Columbus: Christopher.  We stopped here for a couple of days recently.  Samana Cay a beautiful, out-of-the-way island with a large reef-encircled bay that’s tricky to get into.  Since we didn’t want to get stuck inside if the winds picked up, we anchored outside the western end of the reef in good sand.  It was beautiful and calm, and we were within easy swimming distance of numerous patch reefs.  Life is good.  That night we looked up a 1986 National Geographic article about Christopher Columbus (FYI, you can get a set of CDs with ALL the National Geographic magazines on it going back to the first one published – very cool and educational) in which they compared all of the proposed routes that he took and islands that he visited, based on his log book.  Well, they decided that it was most probably that his first American landfall was at Samana Cay, and on their little map, they had him anchoring right where we were anchored!  I guess great minds think alike.
The black spots in the water behind the boat are patch reefs that we snorkeled on

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