Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Happy Hunter

Chris was a happy man this day.  We were snorkeling on the reefs at Mayaguana when he caught these big spiny lobsters.  They were his personal records for size.  The largest one was large enough to have a good amount of meat in the head and thorax (everything but the tail), while the tails will serve us for numerous meals.  He also caught a couple of lion fish, which we had for dinner and lunch the next day.  The day before he caught these lobsters, we had traded a third of a bottle of rum (worth about $3) to a local fisherman for two smaller lobsters.  I’ve got to say, you can’t beat these prices.


  1. we're drooling.

  2. That picture is a keeper! It really just doesn't get any better than that. Chris is DA MAN!!!

  3. Awesome! Leave some to grow for us when we come through....