Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This...

…palm trees, the ocean, conch fritters, and a couple of beers.  We were rewarding ourselves for completing a couple of writing tasks.  Chris finished detailing and uploaded the cover for the last book of our co-authored Cornerstones trilogy, Jundag (see for info on the other books).  We’ve been eagerly awaiting the art work since summer, and now it’s done and off and we’ll be selling Jundag at conventions next summer.  Anne wrote and submitted a short story for an anthology of ghost stories; cross your fingers that it gets accepted.  So we dinghyed into Clarence Town (east coast of Long Island, Bahamas), bought fresh fruits and vegetables at the government packing house, and treated ourselves to conch fritters at Rowdy Boys restaurant.  If you get to Clarence Town, do yourself a favor and check out the conch fritters at Rowdy Boys – they’re delicious!


  1. Ok, you're teasing now! I'd like to send you a photo of New England; we are expecting our 3rd snowstorm in as many weeks. So the genealogist in me is wondering why, when our immigrant ancestors arrived in such a big country, they chose to go north when they could have gone south? We'd ALL be enjoying conch fritters on the beach!

  2. Congrats Guys!! Enjoy Long Island...How is the anchorage?

  3. Hey, my Irish ancestors chose North Dakota! What was with them anyway? I can picture myself sitting at that table and drinking that beer and eating those fritters. Just give me another month to get there.