Tuesday, November 23, 2010


A night visitor seen more clearly in the morning
We’ve been camped out here in our little basin the Grand Lucayan Waterway, waiting for weather to go south and getting some writing done.  Three nights now we’ve had newcomers arrive after dark.  The first were Bob and Jane on their working catamaran.  They create the Wavy Line charts, which have been referred to us as the best charts for the Turks and Caicos.  Chris visited with them on their boat, which was full of detailed charts that they’re working on for Abacos locations.  The second night, an unlit roll-on/roll-off craft, such as you see throughout the Bahamas delivering goods to islands, roared into the basin.  It looked quite large, but in the morning we could see that it really was relatively small, as these vessels go.  The third night we heard engines close by there was a well-lit, and very large, luxury yacht that first tried to anchor between us and a derelict boat, but reconsidered and set down in the open area on our starboard side.  It tends to make one a bit nervous when the sun starts to set, wondering what might be making its way toward your anchorage.  That’s what we get for anchoring where there’s an anchor symbol on the Explorer Chart!

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  1. Wow, talk about things that go bump in the night!
    Hope you had a great TDay.