Sunday, November 21, 2010

Back in the Bahamas!

We checked into the Bahamas at Port Lucaya this year.  The Port Lucaya Marina is smack in the middle of a tourist area, so there were lots of things to buy at very high prices; needless to say, we didn’t buy anything and left quickly.  Strong north winds were forecast, so we went a few miles east and ducked into the Grand Lucayan Waterway.  It’s a canal system that runs completely through the island north-south, with numerous offshoots and basins.  According to Skipper Bob, more than 5,000 lots were sold in the 70s, but a new government prohibited land ownership by non-Bahamians, which really put a damper on home building by the Americans and Canadians who had purchased lots.  Apparently the issue has been resolved, but only a few houses have been built so far.  The whole place is quite deserted, and dinghying past so many empty, overgrown lots and this abandoned hotel feels a bit like being in a ghost town.  It doesn’t help that everything you say echos around the seawalls.  But the protection here is fantastic; we felt only a bit of breeze, though when we went to look out the cut, white caps were rolling across the bay.  We did get a good snorkel session in before the winds kicked up; it felt great to be back in the water, and we had hogfish for dinner!


  1. Oh so jealous! Can't wait to join you, well, if we can catch up that is. Great pictures.

  2. Well done, nice to see you made it over again with no issues.
    Thanks again for all the advice at the SSCA GAM.
    Fair Winds and working systems ;-)
    Devin & Liz s/v Moosetracks

  3. Of course you can catch up, Lynn. Go guys sail much faster than we do!