Monday, November 1, 2010

Cumberland Island, Georgia

The ruins of Dungeness
Ever dream of building a great mansion on an island and living there with your extended family and hundreds of servants?  Well, that’s what the Carnegies did on Cumberland Island.  This delightful barrier island off of Georgia is a great place to visit while cruising down the east coast.  Now a park, you can stroll around the island and view the ruins of Dungeness, the main house of the Carnegie estate.  It was quite a showpiece in its day, and is still a picture of elegance in decay.  Wild horses roam the grounds and trails through the woods, along with deer and abundant other wildlife.  We actually saw live armadillos, walking through the brush, grubbing through the leaves, and eating ants!  Considering that armadillos are more typically seen dead and upside-down along the sides of highways, we were quite impressed with their abundance and endeavors.  They were really bold (or really stupid), wandering right by as if you weren’t even there, like this one posing with Anne on one of the dirt roads that crisscrossed the island.

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