Monday, December 6, 2010

Blue Hole on Hoffman’s Cay

We anchored for several days between Devil and Hoffman’s Cays.  On Hoffman’s Cay, we walked to a blue hole.  We considered going for a swim, but there’s just something a little creepy about a hole going straight down for hundreds of feet.  Besides, there wasn’t an easy way to get in or out of this one, unlike the delightful Dean’s Blue Hole on Long Island.


  1. Oh come on! Jump in for a nice, cool relaxing swim, nothing down here to worry about.
    signed, the Beasties on the Bottom

  2. Do you know what had caused it? Some sort of volcano rest or limestone cavee in? It looks gorgeous.

  3. Blue holes are sink holes, like they have problems with in Florida, but with underground access to the ocean. They're very cool, even if a bit creepy.