Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Waning Bahamian Days

Well, we’re actually back in the U.S. now, but here are a few pictures of our last week in the Bahamas. We were in the northern Abacos islands, snorkeling and preparing for our crossing. Chris caught a tremendous hogfish, seen here, which will last for several dinners. He also got to do a good deed, helping a couple get the engines on their center-console power boat working again. Good thing, because there was a whole lot of nothing where we were, and they needed to make it back to Man O’ War Cay about twenty miles away. There was also that small world thing again; they’re from Mattapoisett, Massachusetts. We had mixed feelings about leaving the Bahamas. We had such a great time here, and look at this water, how clear and beautiful it is. And here’s Anne, relaxing in the cockpit with a glass of wine after a hard day of snorkeling and sailing. Ah, yes, we’re going to miss this. However, we were looking forward to a variety of relatively inexpensive fruits and vegetables, steaks, and shrimp.

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  1. Chris I am so jealous, what a fantastic catch, hog fish is supposed to be one of the finest eating there is too.

    Devin & Liz s/v Moosetracks