Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bahamas Real Estate

Out of curiosity, we look at real estate prices on the different island. Of course, the stuff advertised in those slick little brochures is the high end of the market, which is so far beyond what we could ever afford that it’s easy to laugh it off. But in New Plymouth on Green Turtle Cay, we finally found something that might be within our price range (actually, probably not). It’s quite the fixer-upper, as you can see in this picture of the well-kept portion of the house. But as they say: location, location, location!


  1. That house looks like a good place for that beach brewery and tiki hut bar we're going to open one of these days. It just needs a little elbow grease. I say go for it!

  2. Chris & Anne,

    Heard your check-in loud and clear on this mornings net. Congratulations on the full year!! We look forward to seeing the two of you soon.

    Steve & Lynn

  3. Chris and Anne, Still enjoying your posts. Carl and I are waiting with baited breath for Scimatar Sun.

    Carrie & Carl on Sanctuary

  4. Ellen and I will be down with you next week! I know that the 4 of us could make it work!