Saturday, May 29, 2010

Elizabeth City, North Carolina: Harbor of Hospitality

Boy, does Elizabeth City earn its nickname as Harbor of Hospitality. First, they have free docks, right on their beautiful waterfront. Second, there generally is someone on the docks to help you tend you lines as you tie up. And third, if there are five or more boats at the docks, they host a wine-and-cheese get-together for the cruisers. And finally, everyone is just so nice: Charlotte, head of tourism who serves you wine, and her administrative assistant Susan, who answers the phone when you call and actually makes you feel right at home over the line; Sam, the gentleman who took our lines and told us where everything was; and everyone just walking by, who stops to talk with you if you’re out on deck. The supermarket will even pick you up and bring you back if you need a ride. We’ve spent a couple of wonderful days here. This morning (Saturday) there was a farmers market right by the dock, and in the afternoon, we visited the museum to learn about the history of the Albemarle area. Check out the Elizabeth City harbor cam at and you’ll see us or Mr Mac, up until Monday morning (the images go back 24 hours, and we’ll leave here Sunday morning).

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