Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oriental, NC

We're in Oriental for a few days. Oriental claims to be the Sailing Capital of North Carolina, and it's certainly a cruiser-friendly town. For example, they've got a public dock where you can stay free of charge for 48 hours (if you can get on it, of course!), and a nice dinghy dock with handy trash and recycling receptacles. This may not seem like much, but to a cruiser, it's big. The town itself it very pretty with easy walks to the post office, grocery store, and restaurants. They’ve got a cool dragon theme that you pick up in unlikely places, like this little pond dragon. Our friends, Steve and Lynn on Celebration, spent the winter in Oriental, and recommended dinner and music night at M&Ms CafĂ©. They also gave us contact information for their dock neighbors while they were here. So we combined the two activities and met Jim and Beth, along with their son, Cameron, and daughter, Taylor, at M&Ms. What a great time. Jim, Beth, and Cameron will start cruising on their boat, Wild Haggis, at the end of May, so this is a very busy and exciting time for them. Cameron is also a fan of Chris' book, Scimitar Moon, and Chris loves talking with fans. We were happy to have been able to steal a few of their hours. We were so caught up in conversation, in fact, that when we got back to the boat, we realized that we hadn't paid our bill (Chris assumed Anne had paid, and vice versa). So we're heading back to the restaurant this morning to pay our arrears so they'll let us in for a delicious meal the next time we come through Oriental.

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