Thursday, January 7, 2010

George Town, Exumas

Or Mecca, according to some cruisers who come here every winter, for the entire winter, to meet and greet and have fun. We’ve been hearing about the huge cruising community in Elizabeth Harbour, which is where George Town is located, and expected boats to be anchored cheek-to-jowl. There are dozens of boats here, maybe a hundred, but it’s a huge area, and we haven’t felt hemmed in at all. However, we’re told it’s still early in the season, and after New Year’s it really begins to grow, especially around regatta time in March. Most boats anchor along the shore of Stocking Island (see the picture above) for protection from the prevailing easterly winds. We anchored off of lovely Monument Beach. There are myriad activities organized by the cruisers: art group or yoga on the beach, volley ball everyday at 2:30, Trivial Pursuit competitions, etc. Anne did yoga and Chris played volley ball one day, and we’ve met lots of nice folk. Last night we attended a meeting of the Alcohol Research Group (ARG) on the beach. This group is kind of the antithesis of AA, with eating, drinking, singing, a bonfire, and an all-around good time. George Town itself isn’t as large as I’d expected for the largest town in the Exumas. In fact, you’re looking at the backside of the “downtown” area below, across Lake Victoria. It’s not Nassau…and that’s a good thing! There are a couple of markets and banks, gas stations, restaurants, liquor stores, and hotels – everything we need to reprovision, especially fresh veggies and fruit.

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  1. I have to say it, I'm so jealous, I could spit! The photos are incredible and the social parts sound wonderful. I liked the duct tape on Chris' finger, because as we all know, true sailors don't need no stinkin' band-aids.