Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Clarence Town, Long Island

Well, we’ve left the Exumas and are now in the Far Bahamas. We know because we had to change to the Far Bahamas Explorer Chart Book (tricky, eh?). A norther was predicted, so we hunkered down in a little anchorage off of Clarence Town. Clarence Town is quite small, but has some imposing architecture. These two churches—one Catholic (top), one Anglican (bottom)—are on hill tops, so you can see them from quite a distance. The people are very friendly. The fellow in the photo below stopped us and asked where we were going, then led us to a nearby local restaurant for lunch. When we thanked him, he said that was the Rasta way. Unfortunately, it’s been so quiet that the woman who owned the restaurant hadn’t cooked anything that day, so we ended up at the Flying Fish Marina Bar and Grille for OK burgers and good conch fritters. That was all right, because a boat that we recognized from George Town was at the marina: Pas de Deux, with Dave and Donna. We had a nice chat with them at the bar. What the food was lacking, the bar totally made up for in location and ambiance (at least, as we like it), as you can see below.


  1. So which direction is 'Far'? Is there a 'Farther'? (or as we would say here in North Carolina,'Further'?) Can you go 'Too Far'? How 'Far' is 'Far Enough'? Is there a 'Far From Over'? Tricky stuff, indeed.

  2. He he! Nice one, Lynn. Did you guys get sick of volleyball and yoga? What's up? Hope you didn't get any big waves from the earthquake. Great pics, as always.