Friday, January 22, 2010

Fresh Fruits and Veggies

I may have mentioned in an earlier blog that fresh foods are really expensive in the Bahamas, compared with most places in the states. That’s because, on most islands, fresh food is shipped in by boat once a week. On Long Island, however, they actually grow some types of produce, and sell it once a week at the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries building in Clarence Town before shipping it out to the other islands. There was some beautiful produce there, and it was fresh and local. And the prices were terrific compared with the grocery stores we’ve shopped in elsewhere in the Bahamas. For example, in George Town we paid $1.95 per pound for butternut squash. In Clarence Town, we paid $0.50 per pound for some freshly harvested hard squashes and pumpkins. That’s quite a savings, especially since we bought about 15 pounds of squashes here. They also grow produce on Great Exuma, where George Town is located, but you have to go to the government packing houses to get the deals, and they’re not close to town. In Clarence Town, the packing house is right across from the government pier (because it’s sent out by boat) and the beach where you land your dinghy, so it was extremely convenient. So we got lots of squash and papaya and other stuff (see the picture) for less than $16, and our stomachs and wallets are quite happy.

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