Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ashopping We Will Go

After returning to Vero Beach from St. Pete, we were busy shopping for provisions (food and such) for the Bahamas. We continued shopping in Fort Pierce, our next stop on the ICW. The cruising guides, as well as people who have been there, say that the food selection is limited, so we tried to stock up on what we liked best. Amazingly, we were able to fit it all into lockers and hammocks, albeit sometimes cramped, as you can see here. Mr Mac has terrific storage, with locker space under the settees, and more locker space UNDER the locker space under the settees. It makes getting at some stores a bit of a hassle, but what do we have more of now besides time?


  1. I could live for weeks on Jif Peanut Butter...good choice!

  2. You know, we usually get the generic store brands, but we went to Sam's club and all they had was Jif! We eat a LOT of peanut butter!