Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Weekend in St. Pete: Zombies, Shopping, and Friends

We had a great time in St. Pete. Necronomicon went really well; we actually sold out of one of Chris’ books, Weapon of Flesh! And both Chris and Anne participated in some really fun panels. Chris’ panels related principally to writing, while Anne’s were science-based. The costumes were, as usual, terrific, and not limited to humans, as you can see here. Anne ran out between sessions to shop for provisions for the Bahamas. A nearby Aldi’s store has great prices, and we’ll be stopping by Sam’s club later this week. Finally, we were able to see lots and lots of friends, whom we have missed terribly. Sunday night out friends Bob and Kitty and Jeff and Elise hosted a barbeque dinner for us on our former dock. We’ve had a boat at the municipal marina since 1991, when we first moved to Florida, so it was like old home week. The food and company were excellent, and a good time was had by all, as you can see in the pitifully few pictures I managed to take between conversations and eating and laughing.


  1. Guys,
    We loved seeing you, and you seem incredibly happy, which makes us happy. Can we just thank you for turning us onto Aldi? OMG, we LOVE that place! That Winking Owl wine is a pretty decent substitute for 3-buck Chuck from our beloved Trader Joe's, nonexistent in FL, unfortunately.

  2. lol, that cat wearing the costume is so cute!