Saturday, October 3, 2009

Annapolis, Maryland

Leaving the Rhode River post-gam, we sailed past the Thomas Point shoal marker (pictured at the left) and north about twelve miles to Annapolis, Maryland. It was a brilliant day, and there were many, many boats on the water. We made our way up the channel in company with about a dozen boats under full sail.

Annapolis is home to the U.S. Naval Academy, pictured at the right, along the banks of the Severn River. We first anchored in Weems Creek, just north of downtown Annapolis, then picked up a mooring in Annapolis Harbor. What a pretty city! Annapolis has loads of historic buildings, and all roads lead to the harbor (well, not ALL roads, but I’m using poetic license here), as pictured below.

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  1. If you're ever back, sail up the Hudson to West Point. It is a very beautiful river, the Academy is awe inspiring, and you can look east to see the castle where the Wicked Witch of the east lived.

    landlocked and vicarious in St.Pete