Thursday, October 8, 2009

Real Estate According to Wind Direction

After Annapolis, we started south down Chesapeake Bay, and spent the first night anchored near Reedville. A pretty place: trees, nice shore-side homes, protected waters. Of course, that’s if you’re upwind of the stink from the menhaden processing plant. I don’t see how they can sell homes well on days when the wind is wafting the smell over the homestead. We had to pass through the odorous cloud on our way to the anchorage and on our way back out. Thankfully we anchored upwind; otherwise, I think the whole boat might have reeked in the morning. Well, as Chris says, “It smells like money…,” but only if you’re in the menhaden-processing business. As we were leaving at dawn, we saw this fishing boat arriving, presumably full of nice, soon-to-be-smelly fish!

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