Sunday, November 15, 2009

Paradise Island – The Anti-Nassau

Fact: Paradise Island’s original name is Hog Island, but who wants to say they’re going to Hog Island for an expensive vacation? Twenty miles from Nassau you can see the Atlantis Resort, shown here up close. It’s an intriguing structure. See the bridge between the two buildings? That’s the Presidential Suite, which, according to a city guide, goes for $25,000 per night, four night minimum. We were anchored along the Paradise Island residential shore, just off of this lovely little vacation home with its modest 50+ foot motor yacht at the dock. What really caught my eye was just to the right of this home. Lush green vegetation spilled down the hill to the water, and atop the hill was what looked like a Greek temple. I found out later that it’s called The Cloister, and is a popular wedding site. No wonder – it was absolutely enchanting! We didn't go ashore at Paradise Island, but from what we can see, it's pretty far removed from the rather gritty environment on the Nassau side of the bridge. We saw numerous limos on our walk, probably coming from the airport, and they all seemed intent bypassing Nassau proper and on crossing over to Paradise.


  1. Beautiful photos! I read the recent entries to Mom over the phone. She appreciates your warning "Don't worry, Mom" but now she's picturing you in the dark on the bow with your flashlight navigating unknown waters. Sounds like an adventure to me!

    Keep an eye out for the Jonas Brothers. Rumor has it Kevin Jonas may be getting married this winter somewhere in the Bahamas where he met his fiance. If you wanted to play papparazzi for the day, Lauren would appreciate some photos!

  2. Mom says,"I just finished reading your whole blog from beginning to end, courtesy of Linda - day after Thanksgiving at Karen's. Great day! Hope your day was exciting, as was the rest of your trip. Godspeed, I love you." -Mom