Friday, November 13, 2009

Bounty from the Sea

A fishing boat (seen in this poor picture) shared our anchorage at South Cat Cay for a couple of days, and boy, was that advantageous for us! They came over to ask if we liked fish, which we affirmed. We then watched them pull their fish traps, and they brought us back four yellow-tail snappers, so fresh they were still alive. We gave them what was left of our Nassau dark rum, about a third of a bottle, so everyone was happy. Actually, Chris really liked that rum, but he wanted fresh fish more. He marinated and sautéed them and I made some ginger slaw (cole slaw with fresh ginger in it), and we had a couple of grand meals. Then, on Chris’ birthday (November 10th, the same as Anne's mother’s: Happy Birthday, Mom!), he gave himself a present by catching a tasty spiny lobster (with a seven-inch tail, plenty large to be of legal size, which is 5 ½ inches), which we had for lunch with rice salad. Pretty cool to be able to catch your dinner and cook it up ten minutes later!

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