Thursday, September 17, 2009

Provincetown, Massachusetts

Our first stop on our way south was Provincetown, which is on the very tip of Cape Cod. Although it’s about a 100-mile drive from Scituate, it’s less than 30 miles by boat. You can usually see P-town for most of the trip, but we had fog and ¼- to ½-mile visibility. Have I told you that we love our radar? Visibility cleared as we got into the harbor, which is broad and deep and protected from all directions. Moorings fill the area behind the breakwater (immediately in front of town) and beyond the Coast Guard station, but we found a site just outside the mooring field in about 20 feet of water. And what water – perfectly clear and slightly green (it’s a nutrient-rich green, not pollution green)! We haven’t seen water this clear since the Keys, although Chris thought it a bit chilly (that’s an understatement) when he went in in a shorty to clean off the prop.

This is a great stop. Great protection, long beaches to walk on, and an interesting town. Provincetown was the area where the Pilgrims first landed, before they headed across the bay to Plymouth. The Pilgrim Monument is a tower that can be seen from far offshore (see in the picture above). We recommend the museum at its base, as admission ($7) includes access to the tower. It’s built entirely of granite, and along the interior walls are polished blocks with the names of Massachusetts towns and cities and their dates of incorporation (Quincy, 1625). Eat your Wheaties for breakfast, though, as it’s a long climb up lots of stairs and ramps (here’s the view from the bottom of the stairs, but don’t look up before you climb), but the views are so worth it. You can actually see Boston in the distance to the northwest!

Provincetown also has some amazing architecture, like this house that to me resembles a bride, and artwork. How cool is this wharf house, adorned with lovely pictures of old women!

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