Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fall Is Coming, And We’re Migrating South With The Birds

Summer in New England can’t be beat. Although they had lots and lots of rain early in the summer, since mid-July, when we arrived, it’s been warm and sunny most of the time. A far cry from the sweaty heat and humidity of a Florida summer! Chris groused about the cold water as we traveled north, but we’ve gotten in some swimming up here. Also, lots of gardening at Anne’s mother’s house (with no poison ivy!), ball games, and lounging in the sun on the boat and at the beach. We didn’t get to sail around New England as much as we would have liked, but perhaps next summer we can. But now it’s starting to cool down and our nieces and nephews have gone back to school (sorry, kids!), so we’ll head south. We’ve got our camera back now, so we’ll be able to include more pictures.

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