Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Book Release!

We're soooo excited, because Dragon Moon Press just published Chris' new book, Scimitar Moon! This is the cover above. The book debuted Labor Day weekend at DragonCon, which I'll write more about later. Scimitar Moon is a fantasy-pirate story, but as Chris liked to say, these are not "Pirates of the Caribbean" pirates. He got to work into the story both his love of fantasy and his love of sailing on the ocean. What more can you ask for! Sales of the book at the con were great, and we're now working on marketing it to a wider audience. Marketing comes naturally to neither of us, but Chris has come great mentors in Gail Z. Martin (The Chronicles of the Necromancer series) and Jana Oliver (Time Rovers series), both popular fantasy authors, so we've got a good head start! For more information on the book, click here to view Chris' blog.


  1. Wowwowwow, I can't wait to buy and read! Love the sailboat on the cover. Good timing, BTW, I just read that they're doing another Pirates of the Caribbean, #4. Hopefully a good tie in.

  2. Chris...I just started reading it and Cynthia, with all her screaming and antics, reminds me of a little sprite I have living with me!