Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back to Block Island

Our original plan when we left Provincetown at 6:00 am on Tuesday morning was to catch the ebbing tide through the Cape Cod Canal (you don’t want to run the canal with an opposing tide) and stop at Onset, on the west end of the canal. But it was only 11:00 when we exited the canal, and the weather was beautiful and the tide with us, so we kept on down Buzzards Bay, out into Rhode Island Sound and on to Block Island. Although the light wind was on our nose for much of the trip, about dusk, a slight front caught us and gave us a brisk southerly breeze that we used to surf at nearly seven knots to Block Island. What a difference from July. On our first trip, the harbor was packed, but now, there were only two other boats anchored and a half dozen moored. In New England, the “summer” really ends with Labor Day, and the weather abruptly changed to fall-like with the holiday, too. At least it leaves us with lots of room to drag…er, stretch. Here’s a picture of a beautiful wooden power boat (take note, Captain Bivalve, if you ever get tired of sailing!) that passed us going up Buzzards Bay.

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  1. We are so jealous of all you people who are experiencing fall. OMG, it is SO hot here -- still. We cannot imagine Block Island when it isn't packed. Capt. B. says he's not giving up his inefficient, slow boat yet, but that is one gorgeous vessel.