Thursday, June 25, 2009

Word of Warning: Avoid Fishing Tournaments

So we enter the Beaufort Inlet at 7:30 PM after four days and three nights offshore, and anchor just inside beyond the Coast Guard station. It’s deep and quiet, and we’re the only ones there. Ahhh, a chance to relax…

6:00 AM: the boat starts rocking all over the place, as bad as it ever got offshore in a thunderstorm. Is it another force of nature? No, it’s the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament! We only found this out later, but what we saw that morning was a veritable parade of big sport fishing boats flying full speed down the channel and out of the inlet, pushing HUGE wakes into shore were we lay gently sleeping (but not for long). Talk about a rude aWAKEning (I know, that was really bad, but I couldn’t resist). The purse for the largest blue marlin was more than $1 million, so I can see why they were so enthusiastic.

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