Thursday, June 25, 2009

Beaufort, North Carolina: Taylor Creek Anchorage

Taylor Creek runs along the Beaufort waterfront, and on the chart it looks small and narrow. In reality, it’s plenty broad for boats to anchor and swing, deep right up to the shore, and quite long, so you can anchor either right across from town or farther away where it’s quieter and more residential. We chose the latter. On the opposite side of the creek from Beaufort is the Rachel Carson Reserve (also known as Carrot Island), which is composed of several small islands with beaches, marshes, tidal flats, and forest. Wild ponies live there, and from Mr Mac we saw them feeding along the banks and running down the beach – very cool! Anne also satisfied her crustacean withdrawal by watching the hundreds of fiddler crabs that were feeding and waving their claws amongst the marsh grasses on the shore. You can pick them out in the picture below by the white color of their large claw (Crab trivia: only male fiddler crabs have the large claw, so you really don’t see all the females running around with their two small claws).

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