Monday, June 1, 2009

Sombrero Key Light, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, Florida

Only about four miles from Boot Key Harbor is Sombrero Key Light. This is a sanctuary preservation area and, as a designated snorkel/dive site, it has a small mooring field. What a terrific stopover! We easily picked up a mooring ball (we’re experienced now, since this was our second mooring, ha ha) and jumped in the water with our snorkeling gear. The water was warm and clear, and the moorings are situated near or over coral reefs, so you don’t have to swim far to see great coral, sea fans, and lots and lots of fish. Right under and beside the boat were hundreds of sergeant majors and yellow-tail snappers that just swam there with you, not even moving away in fear. About twenty feet down were four huge snook, very tasty looking. We had a terrific time, and the weather was perfect for the location, with little breeze and calm waters. We highly recommend visiting one or more of these sanctuary sites, which can be found all along the reef.

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