Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Welcome to New Jersey!

I kid you not, this is our first view of New Jersey after exiting the C&D Canal: a nuclear power plant. Not exactly a welcome-wagon sight. It didn’t help that it was a cloudy, rather gloomy day. We pulled into Salem, New Jersey, just across the bay. It was still early, so we went scouting for a market to get fresh fruit. Alas, there were no nearby markets. A neighborly woman directed us to a deli that might sell fruit, but it turned out to be a convenience store with a few sad bananas. Luckily, they sold subs (or hoagies, as they’re called in New Jersey), and we contented ourselves with a thoroughly unhealthy lunch of a steak and cheese sub and fries. Both were hot, fresh and yummy. We ate them sitting on the curb outside the store, which just about summed up our first impressions of New Jersey on this trip.


  1. Hi Chris & Anne,
    It's Annie & Pilar wishing we were cruising with you! Your trip sounds fun, as you head into the "not so" beautiful parts of "Jersey". So, what's the next stop? Don't forget to eat a "Lobsta roll once you hit the North East.
    Oh, and don't forget the stuffed quahogs!! Well, tis the season for rain and more rain and.... How's the weather been sailing? You guys are in our thoughts of envy and jealousy! Stay healthy and in touch!

    Annie & Pilar

  2. Hi Chris & Anne

    We are with you in spirit and I look forward each day to catching up over my first cup of coffee! Just can't wait till it's our turn. Keep up with all the great news ... Liz & Devin

  3. Hey Annie and Pilar!

    Did you guys get to the Bahamas? We're missing everyone from St. Pete.

    Take care! Anne and Chris

  4. Hi Liz and Devin,

    I was looking again at your email about the wi-fi antenna. We need to upgrade our capabilities somehow so I can be a little more timely with the blogs. Let us know how it's working for you. You'll be out here soon enough!

    Anne and Chris

  5. You didn't miss anything about New Jersey. What you saw IS the real New Jersey!