Sunday, January 19, 2014

Snokeling Saint-Pierre, Martinique

Tube worm and filefish
The shelf in the area descends precipitously right off of shore. We tried to snorkel anyway, since the water was beautifully clear, and we were anchored within swimming distance of a dive mooring that we presumed was over one of the shipwrecks from the volcanic eruption (see my last blog). It was too deep at the mooring, though the buoy itself supported some great sea life. In toward the beach, we came upon some artwork on the bottom, an kind of creepy face that was made creepier by the TEN lionfish on and about it. We would have had a great dinner if we could have speared them, but no spears allowed.

Great shot of the actual tubes of the Christmas tree tube worms - the tubes are usually hidden in coral

Chris couldn't find the bottom

Can you spot the lionfish?

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