Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hermitage Resort, Antigua

Anchorage off of the Hermitage resort
On the west coast of Antigua is Five Island Harbour, a large bay bereft of all the hustle and bustle that characterizes Jolly Harbour, just around the corner to the south. Aside from the ruins of an old stone sugar mill, the only buildings are those of the Hermitage resort. And boy, is it adorable. Fewer than two dozen dark-wood accommodations—larger and fancier than cabins, but smaller than what I’d consider a villa—climb the green hillside overlooking the turquoise water. The restaurant fronts the long, white-sand beach. Pretty during the day, they look so cozy after dark, their golden lights shining in the tropical night. Every night a different kind of music wafted across the water to us. This is the kind of place we’d like to go if money was no concern. But since it is, we’ll enjoy it second-hand while anchored offshore in our own snug Mr Mac.
Closeup of the cozy hillside accomodations

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