Thursday, January 9, 2014

Shopping on the French Islands

Waterfront view of Fort de France, Martinique
While in Martinique, we stocked up on some groceries as you can only do on the French Islands. We took the ferry from Anse Mitan to downtown Fort de France to visit our favorite market, Leader Price. It’s crowded and cramped, but boy, can you get some good deals on French food! We paid less than €2 (euros) for a pretty decent bottle of white wine (with crustaceans on the label to boot!), a 240-gram wheel of Camembert cheese, and some of the best chocolate bars we’ve tasted. It cost a bit more for a hard sausage, but it was still less than €3. Of course, when I’m giving the price I say “a” bottle of wine, “a” wheel of cheese, and “a” chocolate bar, that doesn’t actually mean that we only bought one of each. Suffice to say, we struggled to lug our big canvas bag and Chris’ large knapsack back to the ferry, and there was no way we were going to be able to plane the heavy-weighted dinghy for the ride back to Mr Mac.

All aboard the ferry

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  1. LOVE Leader Price! I'm having flashbacks to all the good pate and brie we ate there. Lynn