Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Herscher Project: Face to Face

 Chris has belonged to an online writer’s group called The Herscher Project for a number of years now. The name comes from the town of Herscher, Illinois, where one of the group’s founders, Jim Bowers, lived. Jim has moved north to Michigan, but we managed to meet up with him in Kalamazoo, Michigan for dinner on our way to Chicago. After Comic Con, we headed south to spend a few days in Mascoutah, Illinois with Deb Cullins Smith, another Project member. Chris had never met Deb face-to-face before, so it was a great treat. En route, we actually stopped in Herscher for lunch and a photo-op in front of their town mural. We look forward to catching up with another Herscherer (Herscherite? Herschergonian?), Jamie Hughes, in Atlanta later this month. We love meeting up with people with whom we’ve become acquainted online (or on the radio, when we're afloat)!


  1. Linda and I are catching up on your blog. Very interesting! It's past my bedtime. Congrats to Chris on big BIG sales!

    Love, Mom