Saturday, September 22, 2012

Back in Trinidad, Back in the Water

That's Venezuela over there under the clouds!

Sun-lit window in the old nuns' quarters
Shore-side ruin
Finally! Boat work is all done, and we’re back in the water. For the past few days we’ve been on a mooring at Chaguaramas. At only $5 US per day, it’s a pretty good deal for being close to shore, stores, and wifi. However, we rock and roll on the wakes of the fishing pirogues that zoom by, so we’re ready for a little peace and quiet out at Chacachacare for a few days. If you haven’t seen my previous posts on Chacachacare, it’s a small island about five miles west of Chaguaramas, a former leper colony with interesting ruins to explore and, the best part, water that’s nice to swim in! The water at Chaguaramas is really yucky, and we miss being able to jump off the boat to get refreshed. Especially since it’s been sooo hot and humid lately. Of course, there’s no wifi at Chacachacare, but I’ll write up some blogs to post when we get back!
Pre-dawn cloud formation


  1. Love Chacachacarecacharcahra! Can't spell it, though. Have fun hiking that hill.

  2. So hot going up, so easy coming down...