Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back in the U.S.A.

Chris and sister-in-law Ellen sampling Ellen's newest homebrew

Chris, Anne, and sister Dianne squinting into the sun
Well, well, well. How badly I have been neglecting my blog! But I find that happens every summer when we come back to the states. We’re off our routines, visiting with family and friends, getting ready for conventions, and driving…a lot. So far, we’ve flown from Trinidad to Florida, bought a car that we hope will get us around for three months, visited friends in Tampa and St. Pete, driven to Maryland to visit cousins, driven to Massachusetts and New Hampshire to visit family, and driven to Illinois in preparation for our first convention (more about cons in the next blog). Also, Chris flew to Oregon to visit his family while Anne visited in Massachusetts. Unfortunately, we’re so busy that we just don’t think to take out the camera, but we have managed to get a few shots in.
Sister Linda congratulating niece Lauren after a good field hockey game

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