Wednesday, June 29, 2011

St. Lucia

The Pitons, viewed from offshore of St. Lucia
 Rodney Bay in St. Lucia is quite cruiser friendly.  There are several nice dinghy docks from which you can access the marina, shops and restaurants, the main road, and mall-based supermarkets.  We attended a cruisers’ meet-and-greet at the Boardwalk Bar located, naturally, on the marina boardwalk.  It was nice to finally see the faces behind the voices on the radio and identify the sailors on the boats that we’ve seen in several anchorages.  We stocked up on food, fuel and water here.  Unfortunately, didn’t have an opportunity to do any inland exploring because we were anxious to have some time in the Grenadines farther south, but this is definitely someplace we want to stop again. 
Another yummy dinner (or five) caught by Chris. The picture's not crooked, we're just heeling.


  1. Wow, Martinique looks like quite the metropolis. Had no idea! That fish looks incredible - what was it? That is so cool that you can catch your dinner. You guys are so multitalented.

  2. Wow what a huge Mahi-Mahi, really nice fish, I bet it tasted as good as it looks.

  3. We've had several meals out of the mahi, including two meals with friends, and at least two more meals in the freezer!

  4. Good going guys! Nice catch! Love mahi mahi....Congrats again on your latest book and awards that followed...very exciting!