Wednesday, June 29, 2011


We haven't seen traffic lights in a while
  Martinique, another French island, was interesting to visit.  Fort de France is a busy city – the first traffic lights and actual traffic that we’ve seen in a while – with a bit of a French/New Orleans feel.  The narrow roads of the waterfront district had shops below, and balconied homes above.  We especially loved this jungle balcony.  But, of course, the colors and vegetation were all Caribbean.  We also anchored at Anse à l’Ane, a pretty little beach community.  We tried to go hiking, but were thwarted by really overgrown vegetation (the rainy season has started here, and everything’s growing like crazy) and a very large Rottweiler, who seemed quite friendly (I’m sure the drool hanging from his mouth was from the heat and not rabies) and anxious to be patted, but whose owner seemed rather frantic to get him away from us.  I didn’t think we were that scary looking, so perhaps he had unknown personality traits that she was trying to spare us.  I think he just wanted some company.
All the colors...

Chris hiking the road, looking for the trail

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