Saturday, June 11, 2011


Our anchorage at Jumby Bay

Sugar-mill ruin at the bottom of the hill on the left
Antigua is a beautiful island, with rolling hills, turquoise waters, and lovely anchorages.  There were lots of shoreside resorts, many small and discrete with bungalows tucked into the trees – very nice.  But what stuck in our mind about this island was all the sugar mill ruins.  They were everywhere!  One poked up out of the foliage on a hill otherwise bereft of any structures, another was the centerpiece of a beachside resort, and another sat in the middle of a golf course (perhaps this gave someone the idea for a windmill on a miniature golf course!).  Long ago we had seen a magazine article about an old sugar mill that had been remodeled into a home – it was beautiful!  Now to find an old sugar mill we could afford…

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