Saturday, March 5, 2011

South Side Marina, Turks and Caicos

South Side Marina docks
Chris visiting with a couple of Australian sailors
Anne's new friend, who only loves her for the BBQ'd ribs on her plate
We have another recommendation for the Turks and Caicos, in case you’re coming in a boat instead of renting a house.  We went in to the South Side Marina ( spend a night and get wifi, boat fuel, and water.  Simon and his wife, Charlyn, met us at the dock, and never stopped helping us for the time we were there.  Really terrific people.  They were cruisers in the Bahamas and Caribbean, and apparently have instituted changes at the marina to attract cruisers.  So, not only do they provide fantastic marina-based service, but they also host nightly happy hours, and a weekly BBQ.  They’ll even pick you up at Sapodilla Bay if you’re anchored over there.  For the BBQ, everyone brings their own meat to grill, and a side dish to share; the marina provides the gas grill, plate and napkins and plastic ware to eat with, and ice cream with chocolate and/or caramel sauce for dessert.  We met a bunch of other cruisers, and had a wonderful evening.  In addition, Charlyn drove us to the bank, supermarket, and boat store to pick up money and supplies, then gave us a tour of the Grace Bay area, where all the resorts and condos are.  If you want to catch them, be there before May, because Simon and Charlyn have bought an 85’ barge that they’ll take through the canals of France during the summer for the next few years.  How cool is that!

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