Saturday, March 5, 2011

Interesting Weather on the Caicos Banks

Sun and squall
Edge of the squall line
 The day we sailed across the Caicos Banks to South Caicos, there were rain clouds just to the south of us, though we were in the sun.  We were almost to our anchorage when we passed through a small squall.  After the clouds parted, we saw a disturbance on the water that came closer and closer, and passed less than 20 feet off of our bow.  After it passed, we looked up and saw a funnel extending from the cloud above – a waterspout in the making, though it never fully resolved into a full spout.  A little freaky, it being so close, but certainly interesting.  The day ended with a beautiful sunset.

The disturbed water in the center is the bottom of a nascent water spout
Beautiful sunset clouds

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