Sunday, March 13, 2011

An Incredible Passage and A Milestone

Sunrise over the mountains of the Dominican Republic
Steering for El Morro
Sometimes, everything goes right.  We left the Turks and Caicos at 11:00 am on Valentine’s Day, turned off the engine once we were out of the anchorage, and had the most delightful sail to the Dominican Republic.  At dawn I thought I saw dark clouds on the horizon, beneath the pink-tinged clouds overhead, but it was mountains!  The Bahamas are so flat, we’d nearly forgotten what elevation looks like.  We steered for El Morro, a singular, flat-topped mountain distinct from the DR mountain chain farther east.  In the distance to the southwest we could see the even larger mountains of Haiti looming in the haze.  If only all passages were this good.  While underway, our GPS hit the 10,000 nautical mile mark, indicating our distance travelled since we began our cruise: Florida to New England, south to the Bahamas, back north to Maine, and now underway to the Caribbean.  Pretty cool.
Trip log at 10,000 nautical miles, en route to the DR


  1. What a great milestone, keep going, and may many more come...
    We have moved into Al and Francis' old slip on west dock as we have sold the house... :-)

  2. Terrific! Congrats on the house sale and moving aboard. You'll love it.