Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tropic Birds

Our visit to Conception Island included not only beautiful beaches and good snorkeling, but also tropic birds! I was hoping we’d see them, having read about them in the guides. At first we mistook them for terns, but when we got closer, we could see their long tails. Not the best picture here, but you can definitely see the bird’s long tail, alongside our tattered Bahamas courtesy flag (we have a new flag, but don’t put it up in high winds or else it will get tattered, too). The tropic birds were flying over the water offshore of the rocky areas of the island. When we scrambled around the rocks, we actually found some birds hunkered down in their rocky nests. Again, not the best picture, but you can see a tropic bird butt to the left, and a tail to the right. Chris apparently got too close to another nest, because we heard a noise like a dog’s squeaky toy whenever he stepped on a particular rock (no, he wasn’t squishing the bird), but couldn’t actually locate the secreted bird itself.

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  1. What gorgeous birds. What a gorgeous place. Chris, congrats on Scimitar becoming a finalist. Very excited for you, and happy the news reached you somehow way out in the middle of nowhere. Hope you guys are doing well.