Friday, March 12, 2010

George Town In Full Swing

After we left Long Island, we sailed back up to George Town to do some reprovisioning. What a difference! When we were here in early January, the local count of boats was about 70, and that was spread over several large anchorages. This time, which happened to fall during the cruisers’ regatta week, the count was over three hundred boats. That meant far tighter quarters than we are used to or like; the picture above shows only a very small portion of one anchorage, but the boats were stacked nearly across the entire harbor. So we worked quickly at our two principal tasks: filling the water tanks (25 gallons at a time for a total of 300 gallons) for Chris, and filing the 2009 taxes for Anne. FYI – using TurboTax online is quick and easy, and it takes only a couple of weeks to get a refund if you go with direct deposit. Woo hoo!

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