Friday, March 12, 2010

Conception Island

For the complete opposite experience of George Town, try Conception Island. This island and the surrounding waters are part of the park system, so there’s absolutely no development on or around the island, and it’s also a no-take zone. Chris was bummed about the no-take part, but he satisfied his fish-tooth with the blackfin tunas he caught while we were offshore. We tried to get pictures of the beautiful and sharp changes in water color—from deep blue to pale turquoise—as the bottom rises from more than 1,000 meters to less than five meters in the span of a couple minutes, but the photos just didn’t do it justice. The island has dramatic scenery, from long, white-sand beaches to craggy shoreline rocks; dark reefs, in the pale, shallow waters; and an interior that’s part terrestrial vegetation, part mangrove nursery. Below are some of the sights.

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  1. Great pictures and nice fish, a little sushi, perhaps? Filling the water tank 25 gallons at a time...I see a water maker in your future. It all looks wonderful and warm.