Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Welcome to Norman’s Cay

Norman’s Cay is a cool place to visit. Like most of the places were visiting, it’s a small island, as you can see in this picture of the island’s airport, such as it is. But it is a relatively long island (a few miles, anyway), and we were able to take a nice walk. On the eastern side of the island is a lagoon with a veritable maze of depths, so we had to pick our way carefully through with our dinghy. The water was gorgeous, with infinite shades of blue indicating different water depths (see picture at right). There also were caves eroded into the hillsides; one had hundreds of conch shells in it. We snorkeled through some mangroves, which was terrific, and which I will write about in the future. One day we splurged and went in to MacDuff’s Bar and Grille for lunch. There was a bar inside a screened porch, and outside on a covered deck were several tables for dining, as well as a couple of sitting areas with colorful cushions on the wooden chairs and settees, and low wooden tables. A very nice, low-key atmosphere. We shared conch fritters, curried conch chowder, and some really wonderfully done fries; not a healthy lunch, but delicious, and plenty so we only wanted toast for dinner. Below is the princess of the place, a tiny Chihuahua who deigns to let you pet her, and begs for food. She wasn’t any luckier than the iguanas in getting food from us.

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