Friday, December 25, 2009

Little Farmers Cay

What a terrific place with terrific people. It’s a small island, which we walked all around in about an hour, and it’s beautiful, with unparalleled views of the ocean and surrounding shallows. One of the highlights was an afternoon spent at the Ocean Cabin Restaurant and Bar, run by Terry Bain, pictured here with Chris (the blue drink on the right is the O.C. special, very tasty). Terry is the consummate host, and a font of knowledge about the Bahamas. He also is the spokesman for the Save The Exuma Park (STEP) group, so Anne was quite interested in his views of the park and its conservation. The Ocean Cabin is quite the gathering place. One of Terry’s neighbors dropped by with a dish his wife had made, which Terry shared with the four of us who were there. It was a Bahamian recipe: guava paste baked into a flat bread, covered with a sweet guava sauce, and served cold – delicious! During the afternoon, some of the diverse group of people we met were: Barry, a local who lives next door to the Ocean Cabin and used to own a landscaping company in Washington, D.C.; Pam and Jack, researchers with the University of Miami, who are setting up a research station at Darby Island; Rick, an owner of Darby Island; Steve and Cindy, who are renovating a house on nearby Big Farmers Cay; and Liz and Charlie who anchored near us that afternoon. Charlie has been on four Olympic sailing teams. So it was quite the diverse and interesting group: meeting such people has been one of the pleasures of cruising.

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  1. Right on pal! Glad to know you love it here! We hope to see you back here soon too. Live well and be happy - have a good life - until you increase it by coming back to Farmers Cay Exumas.